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Going Crazy - Know the Way?

Yay Christmas at home

Yay Christmas at home

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Our first Christmas at home was a great success!

Well, let's go back a bit. First of all, we survived the trip to NC. We only had one full day there, and the cousins played very nicely for about 90% of the time. The NC cousins have issues with each other, but that is a big bro, little bro issue, and it caused stress, but it wasn't as much our stress, which was nice. Did that make any sense at all? The trip back was long, as we went out to breakfast first and then got on the road, so it pushed back our arrival time at home such that we had to stop for both lunch and dinner. (On the way there we had left early, had breakfast on the road, and then only had to stop for lunch, so it was a somewhat shorter trip.) But the kids watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (thanks to weezeld's sister)  happily for the whole trip. By the end, they were singing along!

On Christmas Eve I cooked a turkey for the NJ members of weezeld's family. I think it was the first time I have ever really impressed his Dad with a meal (it was the home made stuffing that really did it). And it was really nice to have some sort of family gathering, since this was the first Christmas, I think since I moved here, that we have not traveled back to Mass. to spend it with my family. I still missed my family, of course, but at least it was a consolation.

That night, not only did the twins go to bed wearing new PJ's (thanks oaken_glen!), but I did as well (thanks, weezeld)! :)

Christmas morning was still a bit less than magic... the twins are just a bit young to understand yet, but it was fun nonetheless. They didn't make it through all of their presents, but as long as I let them play for a bit before asking them if they want to open another present, I generally get a good response. I think we will be through the pile by New Year's this year, which is a step up from last year, when they were still opening Christmas presents before their birthday in July.

I also realized a good choice I made on one gift in particular. I bought them a My First Leap Pad at the resale, mostly because it had a Leap game and a Thomas game, and C is a big Thomas fan. Now, we already have the Baby Leap Pad, but I figured a second one couldn't hurt. And, on the Baby Leapster they touch the pictures and stuff with their fingers. But with the First Leap Pad, they have to use the pen to do it. C is very immature with the pen, and has neither the accuracy nor the soft touch to get it to respond well. So I am glad I got it, because it will give him practice with a pen!

The other big hit is the toy vacuum (also a resale purchase!) - they fought over it for a long time yesterday! I might just have to make use of this... Hm....

I hope everyone else had a great Christmas, whether or not you celebrated it!

And now, onto New Year's resolutions... Anyone want to come over and help me wade through the junk in the spare bedroom, so we can eventually move the twins in there? Oh, and I have to catch up on Exchequery stuff, too...
  • By the time they went down for a nap, they were only 50% through their gifts! It drove me nuts all that playing and not-opening!!!
  • (Anonymous)
    I hear you on the presents. We decided to do a very small pile this year. We got them a really cool wood retro play kitchen as their big gift and then 4 or 5 little things. This way they didn't run out of juice and had a good time. We also knew that my folks would be coming down the day after christmas with more for them and then the following week we will be at my in-laws for more presents. Spreads it out nicely. This was our first christmas at home too and I LOVED it!
    • That was me above!
      • I think I need to learn that one big gift and a few more small ones lesson... Because I got them the nifty kitchen set at the resale, which was supposed to count as the big Christmas gift, and yet somehow, they got it right after the resale, and I kept shopping. I am such a sucker.
  • as long as I let them play for a bit before asking them if they want to open another present, I generally get a good response.

    That worked well with Natalie too. Otherwise, she was getting all this cool stuff and told she couldn't play with it, she had to open more. That's a tough concept for a 2 year old.

    Glad the PJ's worked! I have this suspicion that I bought the same or close to identical PJ's for C last year.
    • That is exactly the reasoning behind my patience with them! I guess I should explain it to weezeld, to help him out! Although they are getting more into it now, and a few minutes ago C took the initiative to open a present. Unfortunately, it was for Brya, not him. Oops... good thing I have some paper left over! :)

      And last year's PJs were different enough... they were red with snowmen, while this year's were gray with snowmen! And while the Christmas ones are so cute (I LOVE A's) the snowman ones are more seasonal... :) Not that they won't wear them all winter, anyway, but I am justifying here...
  • hey- were there any gifts for the twins you were specifically looking for...or gift cards to places for them like you did to get the tv thing. Let me know...:)
    • Hm, well, there are a couple of places... Although you don't really have to get them anything, you know! But if you must, right now we are looking into getting a GPS system for the car at Best Buy (which is not specifically for the twins, but they will benefit from it when we can find a restaurant they will eat at while we are at SCA events.) The other option is a Toys R Us gift card, since they played a lot with their cousins' Thomas Engines in NC, and I think they would love to start their own collections. But don't feel obligated! Your company is always a good present! :)
  • (no subject) -
    • Re: Clean up and Organize?

      Well, I am hoping to start this weekend, but it would be embarrassing to take you up on the offer this early in the game. However, once I wade through the stuff that should have been dealt with a long time ago, and get down to the more difficult stuff, I just might ask you for help.

      After all, if you can channel Peter Walsh, I can use you! :) Thanks!
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